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The Fabric of the Cosmos

Would like some fries with your galaxy?

30 May 1985
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Harry Potter: quillsparchment

If you're thinking about joining Dropbox, please use this link so we can both get an addtion 500MB of storage!

things i love;
Writing. Reading. Classic movies. Classic films. B-Movies, no matter the genre. Comics. Swimming. Dogs. Gaming, both pc and console. Going for walks. Playing with my dog. Drawing, even if I'm bollocks at it. Fashion inspired art. Photography. Star Trek marathons. Ordered chaos. Messing with my best friend. James Dean. Crosses. Endurance. Man vs. Wild. Faith. Chicago, even though I've never been. Supernatural. Family. Trust. Honor. Twizzlers (red). Han Solo. Doctor Who. The word 'galactic'.Etc...
things i miss;
Saturday morning cartoons. Music videos on MTV. Movies that aren't remakes. Summer vacations. Runnings without my injured knee aching. Fishing every spring and summer. Seeing the stars without light pollution. A close-knit fan fiction community. Real rewards in Cracker Jack boxes. Kings, good show. Rocko's Modern Life. Old fashioned talking to people. Giving people high-fives just for the hell of it. Etc...
things i do;
Write fan fiction. Finish puzzles. Swim with my dog. Playing games. Wake up in the middle of the night to randomly do something. Fiddle with design progs. Watch movies. Travel, when I can. Learn new things. Research historical events just for fun. Take care of my family. Drink tea, all the time. Say things like 'high fives all around'. Sing, off-key and out of tune.